Are you taking new clients?
Limited space for clients 18 and up. You may email me, call, or text the number on my contact page to inquire if I have current availability. You may receive only a text notification when I do not have availability, however if additional referrals are desired please send me an email and I’m happy to provide names of colleagues who have similar training or have indicated to me that they have current openings.

What are your fees?
First appointment: $225 (Psychotherapy Intake, 55 minutes)
Subsequent appointments: $150 (Ongoing Psychotherapy, 55 minutes)

What kind of payment do you take?
I accept check, cash. I do not process credit card payments.
Payment is due at time of service.

How long are appointments?
Regular appointment times are provided at 55 minutes unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. Consultations are 50 minutes.

Appointments for young children may be shorter depending on the developmental needs of the child. Parents should plan to remain on-site during appointments with young children and be available to join sessions.

Do you have a sliding fee scale?
I do not have a sliding scale.

Do you take insurance?
My counseling services may be reimbursable by private insurance if you have out-of-network (OON) coverage. For you to get reimbursed, I give you a receipt for service and you submit the invoice to your insurance company with a claim form. If you need help filling out the initial form, you are welcome to bring it into your session. I typically provide receipts for services bi-monthly or upon request.

With a few of the major insurance carriers I may be able to submit claims for you. In most cases you will have a higher co-pay than with an in-network provider (typically 30-40% of my fee). Let me know your insurance carrier when you contact me and I will tell you whether or not I can bill them directly. Note: at this time I am unable to work with Regence.

Insurance is a wonderful benefit, however it is also limiting. I believe it is important for you to choose the provider you consider the best fit for you and your health care.

How can I find out if my insurance will pay for therapy?
Call your insurance provider and ask them the following questions:
1. Do I have out of network (OON) coverage?
2. What is my deductible and how much is paid already for this year?
3. What is my out-of-pocket (copay and/or coinsurance) amount?
4. Am I covered to see a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)?
5. What is your accepted fee for LMHC for my area and what percentage of that fee do you cover?
6. Are there any diagnoses you do not cover (example: V Codes)?