Is Therapy Right For Me?

You may be wondering if therapy is right for you. Below are some questions that people entering therapy with me often relate to.

Do you:

  • Struggle with feeling like you aren’t good enough?
  • Fear having others see your true self?
  • Feel like no one ever really understands you or what you’re going through no matter what words you use?
  • Constantly feel like you have to justify your actions or prove yourself?
  • Know you are repeating patterns that keep you from your goals, but can’t seem to get out of the cycle and move forward?
  • Find yourself trapped in worry, anger, grief, or regret?
  • Sense your reactions are sometimes greater than the present situation, but don’t understand why?

Would you like to: 

  • Finally feel seen for who you really are and understood?
  • Feel more connected to others and less alone in the world?
  • Consistently tap into your inner wisdom and know how to let it guide you?
  • Know yourself and what you want in life, discovering what you really like and makes you, YOU?
  • Feel confident in asking for what you need in relationships (personal or work)?
  • Express your feelings and ideas clearly and confidently?
  • Go for your goals, love where you are in life, and look forward to where you’re headed?

If you relate to any of these statements or have similar struggles, call today and let’s begin the journey together!